May 21, 2017

Clear Titles Over Clever

Here’s an interesting post found–surprise, surprise–on Poyntner. It really made me think about usability and writing for the web. The Web doesn’t inspire us to read; it inspires us to scan.

The article on Poyntner isn’t just about readability. It’s about scannability. People need to scan to see clear headlines so they can move quickly from one piece of information to the other.

But there’s another reason why clear titles are important: Search Engine Page Results (SERPS). When Google crawls a site and your great content is indexed, a user will scan Google for the results. You increase your chances of a user clicking on a title that has a straight-forward and clear summary than a title and summary that is unclear. It sounds simple, but it is also a neglected part of building a web site. What are some examples you’ve seen of titles that are “too cute” for the Web?

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